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Undergraduate Programs

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The undergraduate program in Biotechnology prepares students for careers in the biotech, pharmaceutical, and agricultural industries, or for further study in the health professions or graduate school. A senior year capstone class and research experience, and/or anĀ industry internship, are also part of this major.

Additional details regarding the Biotechnology B.S. major requirements can be found in the course catalog.

Undergraduate Biotechnology students who are interested in conducting research in a lab may participate in the Distinction in Biotechnology program.

B.S. in Biotechnology

Biotechnology is an interdisciplinary program that offers students an opportunity to take courses in biology, environmental sciences, chemistry, engineering, management, public policy and law that will be important for addressing biotechnology-related issues. Interested students may also join the Biotechnology Society.

B.S. / M.S. in Biotechnology

A five-year program that combines the B.S. in Biotechnology with the M.S. in Biotechnology. Students receive advanced scientific training and education, customized to their career plans, as well as targeted professional development and networking experience.