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WAC Faculty Fellow Application

Award Amount: $3,000

We invite any full-time faculty member in Arts and Sciences and/or Maxwell who is teaching writing intensive courses to apply to be a Writing Across the Curriculum Faculty Fellow.

This fellowship is designed to support faculty members who are interested in implementing antiracist strategies and revising the use of writing in a writing intensive course. Faculty Fellows will work with the Director of WAC, Emily Dressing, and Assistant Director of WAC, Sidney Turner, during the Spring 2024 semester to explore best practices for teaching writing in their discipline. Fellows will use antiracist pedagogy to revise syllabi, writing assignments, and assessments for a writing intensive course to be taught either in the Fall of 2024 or in the Spring of 2025.

When the revised courses are taught, each Faculty Fellow will be matched with a mentor who will observe their classes and support them as needed.


During the Spring 2024 semester, Faculty Fellows will collaborate with one another and mentors to develop their courses and antiracist pedagogy. Fellows will attend three half-day faculty workshops and two one-on-one meetings.

In Fall 2024 or Spring 2025, Writing Across the Curriculum Faculty Fellows will teach their redesigned courses with the support of mentors.

To Apply

Send a letter of application to Emily Dressing ( In your application, please discuss how expanding writing instruction in this course will support student writing and

● Identify the writing intensive course you’d like to revise, including typical enrollment.

● Describe any issues particular to this course on which you’d like to focus.

● Provide a syllabus and assignment sheets for the course in its current form.

● Explain any past experience you’ve had using Writing Across the Curriculum principles. Past experience is not required.

● Describe why you want to implement antiracist pedagogy.

● Mention any other issues you think should be considered.