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Mahogany Aminzia

Aminzia Mahogany portrait

Posted on: Feb. 15, 2019


Mahogany Aminzia ('17) is an Associate Copywriter with EAB, an educational advisory company, located in the Washington D.C. and Richmond, Virginia areas. In her work, she writes direct marketing materials on behalf of EAB's clients, "a number of public and private colleges and universities. I produce social media ads, print marketing materials, and emails."

She adds, "As a copywriter, I use the skills I learned in the Writing and Rhetoric major at Syracuse to adapt to various writing styles on a daily basis. Something that I have found especially useful is my ability to communicate effectively and efficiently."

Mahogany says she enjoys traveling, listening to audible/podcasts, writing, and watching TV and movies. She considers moving to the Richmond Virginia area shortly after graduation a personal milestone.