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Larry Stansbury ('18)

Larry Stansbury portrait

Posted on: Nov. 15, 2018


Larry Stansbury ('18) is a Public Relations Fellow at Hill + Knowlton Strategies in New York City. Larry's responsibilities include "drafting media coverage, establishing media relationships, and conducting media monitoring reports to remain well informed of industry news and trends. I also read coverage and make sure publications mention our clients in a positive way. " 

Larry says, "The Writing Major at Syracuse showed me how writing is applied to everything we do. Honestly, taking Digital Identities (WRT 425) with George Rhinehart shaped my online presence and how I want to be perceived in the job market; it helped me go in a new direction with my social media and professional personality. I encourage students who are seniors or juniors to take this class because you will learn so much about social media and brand content." Larry also highlights his experience in "Rhetoric of Social Movements (WRT 428) with Dr. Aja Martinez . . . she showed me that everyone has a voice and to never allow people to take power over you."

Larry lists as a interests touring around New York City, going to coffee shops, fashion, and lifestyle, and considers moving into his first apartment in NYC a personal milestone. His advice for Writing Majors is "don't just say you're going to do something, do it."