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Kathryn Kawasoe ('18)

Kathryn Kawasoe portrait

Posted on: Jan. 15, 2019


Kathryn Kawasoe ('18) is a copywriter at The RealReal, which she describes as, "the leading online luxury consignment shop." She always wanted to work in fashion and had a passion for writing. This job combines the two! As she explains, "I receive luxury consignments from celebrities and others and quality-control the items. I then describe the item, its condition and measurements, and work with a team to determine a price; I then write the copy, following a formula, and post to the website."

She goes on to add, "I was able to use my Writing and Rhetoric major from Syracuse to set myself apart from others at the job. Every day we receive an essential report card with our errors and things that we need to correct for the site. Most of my coworkers have issues knowing where to put commas and remembering certain guidelines, but the background that I have from SU has given me a step up. While I am new to the workforce as a recent grad, I am loving what I do and I hope to continue copywriting for fashion in the future!"

Kathryn also offers a "shout out to the entire Writing department—it was like a family to me at SU. I loved our close-knit class discussions and feedback that we would give others. At SU I created The Politics of Pants, a fashion-based research project. I have decided to turn it into a blog and I am working on creating something that is fashion and culture focused while living in the city. SU always pushed me, and my professors genuinely wanted us to be better writers. I miss it but look out for what's to come :)"