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Amy Li ('13)

Amy Li portrait

Posted on: Dec. 15, 2018


Amy Li ('13) says her career has "been all over the place after graduating from SU, but throughout everything I never stopped utilizing the skills I learned in my writing classes. People often think that editing is about just fixing punctuation and grammar, but it involves so much more than that." She is currently an Editorial Assistant with McGraw-Hill Professional: "I assist four editors in the business books division with administrative duties. In addition to assisting other editors, I am starting to grow my own list of books in the areas of leadership/management, innovation, marketing, workplace culture/workplace skills."

Amy adds, "I’ve also started a freelance editing side hustle for writers who want to self-publish or writers who would like something edited/developed before they seek publication from a traditional publisher. I work on developing manuscripts with authors to help them reach their target audience. And all of the skills I learned with Professor Berry while working on Intertext (WRT 340) and with Professor Agnew in Style (WRT 308) have been invaluable tools to succeeding in the big bad world of book publishing."

A book that Amy edited, Bring Your Human to Work by Erica Keswin, became a Wall Street Journal Bestseller. She lists reading, writing, and kickboxing, painting, and drawing as hobbies and adds, "I got a cat, whom I’ve named Grendel."