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Alexa Roberts ('17)

Alexa Roberts portrait

Posted on: Aug. 15, 2018


Alexa Roberts ('17) is a Media Associate at Spark Foundry. In her role at Spark, Alexa works on a strategy team for its Taco Bell account. Her team “recently won the digital business so we plan and buy all the media for all Taco Bell campaigns throughout the year.” Her positon includes managing campaigns, along with creating recommendations for optimal media platforms to sell products.

“There are definitely a lot of connections that I see between the material I learned in class that I apply daily at work. She believes “understanding rhetoric and learning how to effectively communicate a message to a target audience is a skill that I use everyday whether I am creating copy for a social media post or choosing the best media channel to run an ad.” In particular, Alexa credits her Digital Writing class with teaching her how to better construct media and content before entering the realm of advertising.

Aside from working in the ad industry, Alexa, who also minored in English and Textual Studies, has developed a passionate interest in fashion. In fact, she’s even “started an Instagram account focused on fashion, beauty and touching on the importance of diversity in those industries.”