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Meet with an Advisor

Get in touch and stay in touch! Meeting regularly with your advisor is the best way to stay on track as you complete your degree. They can help you with major and minor selection and connect you with University resources, career assessment tools and alumni network opportunities.

Schedule an appointment with your advisor through OrangeSUccess:

  1. Log into MySlice and select the Orange Success link. Can't find it? Use (CTRL or CMD) + F and enter "Success".
  2. Click "My Success Network" on the left side of the OrangeSUccess page.
  3. Find your college advisor and use the "Schedule Appointment" link.
  4. Find an open slot and use the "+ Sign up" button to reserve that time. List questions and discussion topics in the "notes" section. Appointments are available both virtually and in-person.

For occasional time-sensitive concerns, a limited number of 15-minute drop-in appointments are available during the semester, Monday through Thursday, 2-4 p.m. via Zoom.