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International Student Success Peer Mentor Program

The Advising Center of the College of Arts and Sciences and Maxwell School of Citizenship sponsors the International Student Success Peer Mentor program to assist the incoming first year and transfer international students at the Arts & Sciences and Maxwell with successful transitioning to Syracuse University. The unit of International Student Success within the Advising Center matches current student with incoming student to create a supportive community.

About the Peer Mentoring Program

The Advising Center’s International Student Success Peer Mentor program aims to assist new international students to make a successful academic adjustment to Syracuse University and increase the engagement and academic achievement of international students.

The unit of International Student Success selects peer mentors through an application and interview process based on a list of selection criteria in March. The selected peer mentors will then be paired with incoming students, approximately 10 new international students per mentor, in May or as soon as soon as the new international students make commitment to attend Syracuse University. The unit of International Student Success provides comprehensive training to the selected peer mentors before they reach out to new students. In summer, peer mentors start to contact new students online. In the fall semester, the mentorship group will start to work together and participate in a variety of activities.

This International Student Success Peer Mentor Program serves as a valuable opportunity not only to new students, but to mentors who seek to develop leadership skills and grow professionally.


To help new international students attending the College of Arts and Sciences and Maxwell School of Citizenship successfully transition into Syracuse University


  1. Demonstrate new students how to utilize academic resources and opportunities
  2. Help new students analyze the college’s academic requirements and expectations
  3. Develop leadership skills and professionalism of peer mentors

Being a Peer Mentor

Mentor Responsibilities

It is estimated that each mentor may devote two to three hours per week to the mentoring program.

  • Meet with mentees as one group one hour per week for 13 weeks
  • Respond to mentee email/phone/text within 24 hours of receiving them
  • Attend at least one on-campus and one off-campus event with mentees as one group
  • Attend the new international student welcome event in August
  • Write two reflection journals and submit via Blackboard
  • Attend mentor training in April and monthly mentor meeting during the summer and fall semester
  • Contact mentees starting in May for informal communication

Mentor Selection Criteria

  • Be a full-time undergraduate degree seeking student in high academic standing (rising sophomore, junior, and senior)
  • Cumulative GPA: 3.0
  • Be able to commit to a one-semester appointment (Fall)
  • Excellent English verbal and written communication skills
  • Have great interpersonal and intercultural skills
  • Have ability to empower others
  • Have knowledge of campus and community
  • Meet all program time commitments

Benefits of Being a Peer Mentor

  • Receive one CAS 270 credit in Fall semester (within 19 credits)
  • Receive a LinkedIn Peer Mentor Award badge
  • Receive a graduation medallion
  • Earn 45 volunteer/community engagement hours
  • Receive recommendation to participate in A&S and Maxwell career immersion programs (enhance your application but does not guarantee a spot)
  • Have an opportunity to receive a letter of reference/recommendation for job and/or graduate program
  • Gain competences specified by Syracuse University: Communication Skills, Critical and Creative Thinking, and Ethics, Integrity, and Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion
  • Develop professional skills that can be applied to future career and educational endeavors: Leadership, professionalism, collaboration, accountability, adaptability, communication, conflict management, time management, problem solving, and initiative.
  • Engage in intercultural experiences and strengthen cross-cultural communication skills
  • Contribute to internationalizing and diversifying our campus and community
  • Developing long lasting friendships with peers from all around the world


  • Application for 2024-2025 is now available at
  • Two info sessions about the Peer Mentor program will be hosted on Feb. 16 (Friday) and March 1 (Friday) at 3pm. Join Zoom via ID: 767-008-1875
  • The application deadline is March 15, 2023. The application form takes you less than 10 minutes.
  • Successful applicants will be contacted by March 20 for interview.
  • Final selections will be made by April 10.
  • Mentor training (mandatory) will be conducted on April 13 (Saturday), 9 to 3pm.

Listen to what our current peer mentors said about the experience

  • “…have learned a lot about time management and organization through this.”
  • “…helped me also expand my communication skills which can be very helpful in my future classes and life endeavors…”
  • “…communication skills, and patience are involved in the process.”
  • “It strengthens my goal of becoming a professional public relations practitioner in the future. through the peer mentor program. I have confident in communicating with people using good strategies and skills.”
  • “I have learned a lot about time management and organization through this…”
  • “…these experiences are extremely helpful for my future career or even the rest of my life when dealing with similar things. I can bring those skills to my working experiences as well.”
  • “I can definitely feel a sense of achievement and fulfillment from my bottom of heart.”
  • “…improves my communication skills and helps me to be a better multitasking person.”
  • “I have not only exercised my communication skills, but also established a professional network with many employees.”


Ling Gao LeBeau, Ph.D.
Director of International Student Success
310 Hall of Languages

Meet the Mentors

alejandra garcia calderon

Alejandra Garcia Calderon

Class: 2026

Majors: Illustration (VPA) and International Relations

Hometown: Bogotá, Colombia

Languages: Spanish and English

Hi! Welcome to Syracuse University. My name is Alejandra García Calderón, I'm currently a sophomore double majoring in Illustration and International Relations. I am very excited to be part of the peer mentor program for international students. I'll be here to help and provide support to new students, to make their transition to Syracuse University go as smoothly and fun as possible.

jialiang chang

Jialiang Chen

Class of 2026

Major: Computer Science

Hometown: Hong Kong

Languages: English and Chinese

Hello and Welcome to Syracuse! My name is Jialiang but you can call me Leon. I am a rising sophomore and I recently changed my major from Economics to Computer Science. I am very excited to be a peer mentor this upcoming semester and to assist the new incoming international students. Hope I can help them transition to SU and be friends too!

ivonne millan

Ivonne Millan

School Year: 2025

Major: Psychology

Hometown: Colombia and Randolph, NJ

Languages: Spanish and English

Welcome to Syracuse University, Go Orange🍊! I am Ivonne, a rising Junior at Syracuse's College of Arts & Sciences, majoring in Psychology. On campus I am involved as a Resident Advisor for Watson Hall's Upper-class Multicultural Living Learning Community, and work part-time as a Research Assistant for Falk College School of Social Work. I am also a Board Member for campus organizations like Orange After Dark and University Union. In my free time I enjoy all kinds of movies, art, and music. I am looking forward to guiding my mentees in succeeding academically, developing their personal and professional interests, with the goal of finding their home away from home at Syracuse University.

xiaoyi lu

Xiaoyi Lu

Class of 2025

Major: Mathematics

Minor: Data Analysis

Hometown: Shanghai, China

Language: English, Chinese

Hi, everyone! Welcome to SU! I am Xiaoyi Lu, you can also call me Jason. As a peer mentor, I will do my best to help you with the problems you are experiencing. Please do not feel shy to ask me any questions or help. Don't worry too much, everything will go as it should. Can't wait to meet you all soon.

henry li

Henry Li

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Class of 2025

Major: International relations and policy studies

Hometown: China

Languages: Chinese (Mandarin), English

Hello everyone! My name is Henry, and I am so excited to be a Peer Mentor this year and I cannot wait to meet with my mentees! I am a junior majoring in international relations and policy studies at the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, and I am also a member of the Renée Crown Honors Program. I am also involved in duties like peer leader and resident advisor. As a peer mentor, I will be accompanying you guys with your first semester college-life transition.

alexis ballin

Alexis Bailin

Class of 2024

Hometown: Great Falls, Virginia

Hello! My name is Alexis Bailin and I am majoring in Neuroscience and Biology on the Pre-Medical track here at Syracuse University. Along my journey of preparing for medical school, I am working as a research assistant in a lab while obtaining my EMT certification. However, while I am dedicated to my studies, I have many other activities I am interested in. I am involved in Greek Life on campus, I volunteer at my local animal shelter, and I am involved in many clubs on campus. Given adjusting to a new college campus can be quite detrimental on student’s mental health, I wanted to become a peer mentor to help students achieve academical excellence while also prioritizing their mental health. With that said, I look forward to working in this Peer Mentor program!

grace engel

Grace Engel

Hi everyone, and welcome to SU! My name is Grace Engel and I’m a junior majoring in Biochemistry and Psychology on the Pre-Med track. At SU I’m involved in several academic clubs like Phi Delta Epsilon Medical Fraternity and Tri-Beta Biology Honors Society, as well as the Women’s Club Volleyball team. I have interests in sports, the outdoors, and trying new things! I’m so excited get to know you all and support you in any way that I can through your first year. Always feel free to reach out!

abby gioffre

Abby Gioffre

Class: 2025

Major: International Relations

Minor: Information Management and Technology

Hometown: Ridgefield, CT

Hi and welcome to Syracuse! My name is Abby Gioffre and I am a rising junior studying International Relations with a minor in Information Management and Technology. I am very excited to be your peer mentor this year and to support you through your transition into Syracuse!

grace fong

Grace Fong

Hello and congrats on your commitment to Syracuse University! My name is Grace and I am a sophomore studying English and Political Science. I am a part of the badminton team, ASIA club, and Wellslink Leadership Club. I love everything about Syracuse University, and I am excited to provide you with an easy transition from high school life to college life. I am so excited to meet you all!

zhuoyao catherine deng

Zhuoyao Deng (Catherine)

Class of 2025

Major: Psychology

Hometown: Beijing, China

Languages: Chinese (Mandarin), English, Korean (Conversational)

Greetings! My name is Catherine, a rising junior majoring in Psychology. It is a pleasure to serve as Peer Mentor and excited to meet you! I have studied in China, South Korea, and here in the United States, multicultural experience allowed me to develop adaptability to different cultural environments, and as such it allowed me to reach the level of expectation during college transitions in Freshman year. College transition is still different. Been there, done that, therefore hoping to support y’all undergo this stage and provide a sense of home.

hao chen

Hao Chen

Class of 2024

Major: Psychology

Hometown: Chongqing, China

Hi! Welcome to the big family of Syracuse University! My name is Hao Chen, a rising senior who is majoring in Psychology. I am also good at playing badminton, singing and using PR to edit videos. I am very happy to help you in your first year at SU, and don’t hesitate to contact me! If this is your first time to come to the U.S, and if you meet some problems, don’t be sad and anxious, because it is normal for most international students and I experienced such problems as well in my first year. I am looking forward to seeing you in August!

chenyiwei fu

Chenyiwei Fu

My name is Chenyiwei Fu. I am a SU class of 2026 student, majoring in psychology, and also very interested in the field of neuroscience. I'm looking forward to spend your first semester with you as a peer mentor. In addition, I am very good at communicating with peers and answering questions not merely limited to academics and campus, if there are any daily hobbies or interesting things, I am also very willing for you to share with me. Can't wait to see you guys soon!

ines harouchi

Ines Harouchi

Class of 2026

Major: Economics BS and Data Analytics BS

Minor: Psychology

Hometown: Casablanca, Morocco

Welcome everyone! My name is Ines and I am a rising sophomore majoring in Economics and Applied Data Analytics. I am an 1870 Scholar and a member of the Renée Crown Honors Program. I am a member of the ESA and a volunteer with SUITE through the Shaw Center. I can’t wait to meet everyone next year and work closely with you to ensure a smooth transition to SU! I hope you all love it here:)

yiqi rong

Yiqi Rong

Class of 2026

Major: Psychology

Hello Guys! My name is Yiqi Rong, but I also go by Richard. I am from Jiangsu, China and I am studying Psychology. I can understand the difficulties you may face soon and I will do my best to let you guys be involved in school activities and enjoy school life. It took me a long time to get used to many things and find friends who shared my interest. Now I have the chance to share all these with you guys. I will do my best to help people solve problems and hope that we can improve together.

min jin

Min Jin

Majors: Psychology

Hometown: Ningbo, China

Languages: English, Chinese, some German

Hello, and welcome to Syracuse University! My name is Min and I am a junior studying Psychology in the College of Arts and Sciences. I am excited to have the opportunity to assist incoming students in their transition to SU, and hope to be both a friend and a helpful resource. I wish you the best of luck and please feel free to reach out anytime!

leona wang

Leona Wang

School year: Sophomore

Major: Electric Engineering

Hometown: Hefei, China

Hi All,

I’m Zhihan Wang, and you can just call me Leona!

As a peer mentor, I will share with you what I have learned in Syracuse over the past year. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. I will do everything I can to help you transition to college life!

jinru judy zhou

Jinru (Judy) Zhou

School Year: Sophomore

Major: Psychology

Hometown: Liaoning, China

Language: English, Chinese

Hi, this is Jinru but you can also call me Judy. I'm a sophomore majoring in psychology. I am very interested in getting to know you all and helping you adjust better to life at Syracuse University. As an international student, I understand how challenging it is for international students to travel abroad and live on their own, but you are fortunate to have a variety of resources available to you to support you. You are welcome to come and ask me any questions; I will be pleased to answer them. Looking forward to meeting you on campus!

wenxiao teng

Wenxiao Teng

School Year: Junior

Major: History

Hometown: Guangzhou, China

Languages: Chinese, English, and some Russian

I'm Teng. Welcome to SU! I'm honored and very excited to be your mentor. I hope to work closely with you and prepare you for a successful academic career at SU! I wish you the best of luck and please feel free to reach out whenever you need.

yougang xue

Yougang Xue

Class of 2026

Major: Biomedical engineering

Languages: English and Mandarin

Hi, my name is Yougang and you can also call me Michael. I am really excited to work with all the new international students in the process of fitting into the Syracuse University family. I was born and raised in Kunming, Yunnan which is a beautiful city in the southwest region of China. As such, I myself am an international student and I am confident that I can aid the new student when needed. I am also looking forward to learning from the new students especially in the aspect of communication.

rehema rey kirby-zullu

Rehema “Rey” Kirby-Zullu

Class of 2024

Hello, my name is Rey Kirby-Zullu. I am a rising senior majoring in International Relations with a minor in Sociology. I have very much enjoyed my first three years at Syracuse and hope to help you make a smooth transition in college as well. I am so excited to meet you!

kemi kairuki

Kemi Kairuki

Hi! I’m Kemi, a senior majoring in Chemistry, Forensic Science, and Psychology. I’ve lived in Tanzania and China and explored many countries; these experiences have made me passionate about cultural exchange and global understanding. As an international student, I understand the challenges of adjusting to new academic environments, cultural differences, and language barriers. My goal is to provide guidance, support, and a sense of community for my mentees. I believe that mentorship has the ability to foster personal growth and academic success. Whether it’s offering guidance on course selection, time management strategies, or simply being a listening ear, I am dedicated to helping my mentees thrive and ensuring they feel welcome, supported, and inspired to reach their fullest potential.

yong yan cindy chan-wu

Yong Yan (Cindy) Chan-Wu

Class: 2025

Major: Biotechnology

Minor: Business & Chinese

Hometown: Puerto Rico

Hello everyone & welcome to SU! My name is Yong Yan, but everybody calls me Cindy. I can speak Spanish and a moderate amount of Mandarin and Cantonese. As you can see in the photo, I'm always down to grab food and love to try new things. I understand that change can be challenging and frightening at times, but this will also open up new opportunities for you! As part of the Peer Mentor Program, I am thrilled to serve as a guide that will facilitate and make your experience here a wonderful journey!

shaochen sun

Shaochen Sun

School Year: 2024

Major: International Relations, Pre-Law

Home town: Langfang, China

Languages: Chinese, English and Spanish.

Hi, it's lucky to see you in SU! I know it's going to be a hard battle on your first time here, but I am sure you will enjoy your journey here. Let me know if you need anything from me and I will be more than glad to help you!

yida he

Yida He

Hi! My name is Yida; call me E. I am a rising sophomore majoring in International Relations and minoring in Linguistic Studies. I am happy to work with you and be friends with you. Transitioning to college isn’t easy, but please remember we are all here to support you. Welcome to SU! And Go Orange!

zimasa vezi

Zimasa Vezi

Class: 2026

Major: Political Science

Hometown: Durban, South Africa

Hi there! I am incredibly grateful and excited to serve as a peer mentor this year. Being an intentional student is such a unique experience and I cannot wait to meet my mentees and support them on their journeys!

chun yat oscar sin

Chun Yat Oscar Sin

Hello! I'm Oscar Sin, a rising junior at Maxwell School studying international relations. My goal is to assist freshmen from abroad in integrating into American university life. As a member of the Class of 2025, I understand the challenges they face. Fluent in Chinese, English, and Cantonese, I can effectively communicate with students from diverse backgrounds. I believe in the power of community and aim to provide guidance, support, and a friendly face to freshmen, helping them navigate resources, cultural nuances, and social opportunities. Let's create an inclusive and thriving university community at SU.

haitian wang

Haitian Wang

School Year: Sophomore

Major: Finance

School: Martin J. Whitman School of Management

Hometown: Ningbo, Zhejiang, China

Languages: Chinese, English, Spanish

"Hello, I'm Haitian Wang, a Sophomore studying Finance at Martin J. Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University. Excited to be your peer mentor, I look forward to sharing my experiences from studying abroad and navigating my way in a new country. With a background in asset management and import/export companies in China, I bring a global perspective to our discussions. I enjoy debating, hosting board game sessions, and learning about different cultures. Please feel free to reach out anytime with your questions or concerns. Welcome to Syracuse University!"

honglei wang

Honglei Wang

School Year: Senior

Major: Psychology and Economics

Hometown: Nanjing, China

Languages: Chinese, English

I am an international student from China and will graduate in spring 2024. I study psychology and economics. I am very excited to help you guys so feel free to ask me any questions regarding living and academics. Welcome to Syracuse University and I hope you have a good time!

yuhan wang

Yuhan Wang

Welcome to SU! My name is Yuhan, a rising sophomore. I major in Economics at Maxwell and try to minor in applied data analytics at i-School. I come from Shanghai, China. I can't wait to meet y'all and help the transition to college lives! I wish you the best of luck and feel free to reach out to me for any questions!

chenglu jiang

Chenglu Jiang

Class of 2025

Major: International Relations

Minor: Economics

Hello everyone! My name is Chenglu Jiang and I am a junior majoring in International Relations and minoring in Economics. It is my honor to be a peer mentor this semester. When I was a freshman, I got a lot of help from the mentor program. My mentor helps me to adapt to Syracuse University. Thus, in the next semester, I hope I could also help more freshmen to make good connections in the school.