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Transfer Credit FAQ

Transfer Credit: Frequently Asked Questions

Does Syracuse University accept transfer credit?

Syracuse University accepts transfer credit from any accredited two- or four-year institution.

How do I transfer credit from another institution to Syracuse University?

You must complete the Transfer Credit Petition prior to registering for classes at another institution.

Is there a maximum number of credits that can be transferred to Syracuse University?

  • A maximum of 66 credits can be transferred from a two-year program
  • A maximum of 90 credits can be transferred from a four-year program

Please note: 30 credit hours must be completed at Syracuse University to receive a Syracuse University degree. Students are able to transfer credit hours; however, grades earned at another institution are not calculated in the Syracuse University grade point average.

Is there a maximum number of Syracuse University credits I can take during the non-academic calendar year?

No, but keep in mind that students are limited to transferring a total of 16 credits after matriculating in Arts and Sciences and Maxwell.

What grade do I need to earn in the approved course to receive transfer credit?

You must earn at least a ā€œCā€ or better in an approved course to receive transfer credit. Courses may not be completed at another institution on a Pass/Fail/Audit basis to qualify for transfer credit.

Are there any GPA requirements at Syracuse University regarding transfer credit?

Yes. Transfer credit will only be applied to your Syracuse University academic degree program if your cumulative grade point average at Syracuse University is a 2.0 or higher.

Do I need to provide any additional information with the petition?

A course syllabus is required for evaluation and must be attached to your transfer credit petition. Transfer credit petitions will not be reviewed without a course syllabus for each proposed course.

What signatures do I need to obtain on the transfer credit petition?

  • The Major/Minor Department Chairperson if the course is to be applied toward your major or minor. For contact information, visit Academic Department websites.
  • The appropriate departmental chairperson if the course will be applied toward a language, math, or writing studio requirement for your Liberal Arts Core
  • Only your signature if the course is to be applied toward your Liberal Arts Core requirements (not including language, math or writing studio), Arts and Sciences elective credit, or non-Arts and Sciences elective credit
  • Return the completed and signed petition to 329 Hall of Languages for College approval.

Can I apply transfer credit toward the Liberal Arts Core requirements?

Transfer credit must be equivalent to at least three semester credit hours (3.0) and the course must be approved by the College to count toward Liberal Arts Core requirements.

Can I transfer credit for non-Arts and Sciences courses?

Yes. A maximum of 24 non-Arts and Sciences elective credits may count toward degree completion.

Is there a deadline for submitting a transfer credit petition?

No. However, we strongly recommend that you submit transfer credit petition(s) to 329 Hall of Languages at least two weeks prior to registering for the course to allow ample time for your petition(s) to be reviewed.

How will I know if my petition is approved?

Please allow five to seven business days for review of your petition. Once your petition has been reviewed and approved or denied, we will notify you via email to your Syracuse University account.

Once I complete my approved course, how do I officially transfer the credit?

Please have an official (sealed) transcript sent to the following address:

Advising and Career Services
College of Arts and Sciences
329 Hall of Languages
Syracuse University
Syracuse, NY 13244-1170

Once we review your official transcript, we will post the credits to your academic record at Syracuse University and notify you via email to your Syracuse University account.