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Edward Dudewicz


Edward Dudewicz

Dr. Edward J. Dudewicz was a Professor of Mathematics at Syracuse University, New York. He was active as instructor, researcher and consultant for over thirty-five years. He taught statistics and digital simulation at Syracuse University, The Ohio State University, University of Rochester, University of Leuven (Belgium), and National University of Comahue (Argentina) and served as a staff member of the Instruction and Research Computer Center at Ohio State University, and as Head Statistician of New Methods Research, Inc. His consulting activities include O.M. Scott and Sons Company, Ohio Bureau of Fiscal Review, Mead Paper Corporation, Blasland, Bouck, & Lee, Engineeres & Geoscientists. Dr. Dudewicz is author, co-author, and editor of over 155 works, including 26 texts and reference works in statistsics, simulation, computation, and modeling, as well as handbook chapters on statistical methods (Quality Control Handbook and Magnetic Resonance Imaging ), and encyclopedia articles {"Heteroscedasticity," Encyclopedia of Statistical Sciences, Wiley; and "Simulation Languages," Encyclopedia of Information Systems, Academic Press/Elsevier Science(USA)}. He served as editor of two series: Modern Digital Simulation: Advances in Theory, Application, & Design, part of the American Series in Mathematical and Management Sciences, and Modern Mathematical, Management, and Statistical Sciences.

Dr. Dudewicz received the bachelor's degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and master's and doctoral degrees from Cornell University. He was Visiting Scholar and Associate Professor at Stanford University, Visiting Professor at the University of Leuven (Belgium) and at the Science University of Tokyo (Japan), Visiting Distinguished Professor at Clemson University, and Titular Professor at the National University of Comahue (Argentina) while Fulbright Scholar to Argentina. His Editorial posts included Technometrics (Management Committee), Journal of Quality Technology (Editorial Review Board), Statistical Theory and Method Abstracts (Editor, U.S.A.), Statistics & Decisions (Germany) (Editor), and American Journal of Mathematical and Management Sciences (Founding Editor and Editor-in-Chief), and he also served the journal Information Systems Frontiers (Executive Editorial Board).

Dr. Dudewicz served as President of the Syracuse Chapter of American Statistical Association; Graduate Committee Chairman, Department of Statistics, Ohio State University; Chairman, University Statistics Council, Syracuse University; External Director, Advanced Simulation Project, National University of Comahue, Argentina; Awards Chairman, Chemical Division, American Society for Qualtity; and Founding Editor, Basic References in Quality Control: Statistical Techniques, American Society for Quality (the "How To" series).

Recognitions of Dr. Dudewicz include Research Award, Ohio State Chapter, Society of the Sigma Xi; Chancellor's Citation of Recognition, Syracuse University; Jacob Wolfowitz Prize for Theoretical Advances; Thomas L. Saaty Prize for Applied Advances (twice); Co-author, Shewell Award paper; Jack Youden Prize for the best expository paper in Technometrics. He received the Seal of Banares Hindu University (India), where he was Chief Guest and Special Honoree, presenting an Inaugural Address and Keynote Address. He was an elected Fellow of the New York Academy of Sciences, the American Society for Quality, the Institute of Mathematical Statististics, the American Statistical Association, the International Statistical Institute, and the American Association for the Advancement of Science. He was a subject of biographical record in Who's Who in America (Marquis Who's Who, Inc.). In 1999 he was awarded the International Francqui Chair in Exact Sciences.

Edward J. Dudewicz died September 22, 2010 at the age of 68.