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Final dance at the city hall in San Fermin, Pamplona, Spain

Point of Contact

Point of Contact is a publication on the verbal and visual arts deliberately intended to be read as a critical creative text. The list of topics and names of its contributors could by itself describe this objective as far as the field of literary and artistic productions is concerned.

Among those objectives, we have made a series of decisions in order to survive as a relevant and dynamic publication, without submitting to fashion--a submission sometimes disguised under colorful trendy names. If the decisions we made so far are appropriate, it should be possible to keep reading Point of Contact as a scholarly publication without fear of losing the freedom and incentives of the artistic text. Some of the articles and issues of Point of Contact are related to Hispanic literature and culture. Visit the online version (

The Spanish program also supports the journal, Symposium ,A Quarterly Journal in Modern Literatures, published by Heldref in conjunction with the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics at Syracuse University. Symposium features peer-reviewed, scholarly articles on non-English world literatures and often includes publications on Spanish or Latin American writers

Study Abroad in Spain and Chile

SU Madrid

SU Chile


El PaĆ­s - daily newspaper from Madrid

cervantes El Instituto Cervantes, Espana

cervantes El Instituto Cervantes, New York

lavanguardia Barcelona's daily

escritoras Information on women writers from Spain, Latin, Central America and the Caribbean

NACS North American Catalan Society's home page- This organization publishes Catalan Review

ozu Spanish Search Engine

lanic Latin American Network Information Center, Univ. of Texas

Universitat Jaume I Universitat Jaume I in Castello

MundoHispano the Spanish Language Learning MOO

Symposium A Quarterly Journal in Modern Literatures