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Russian Resources

A Good Place to Start

Russian Cyrillic Alphabet with pronunciation audio files
Russian Word of the Day
Russian Search Engine
School of Russian and Asian Studies Language Resources
Myths about Russia

Grammar & Dictionaries

On-line Translator
On-line Reference Grammar
Russian Tutorial
Grammar, Dictionaries, and Games
Ozhegov Russian Dictionary
Collection of Russian Dictionaries
More Russian Dictionaries
Russian Slang and Neologisms
Russian Aspectual Pairs

Art, Literature, Music, Film, Culture & History

Hermitage Museum
Tretiakov National Gallery
Virtual Tour of the Bolshoi Theater
Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts
Museums in Russia
SRAS On-Line Library
Russian Literature in Russian
Russian Literature in Translation
More Russian Literature in Translation
Bi-lingual Russian Poetry
Contemporary Russian Music
Russian DVDs & CDs For Sale
Ekho Moskvy Radio Station in Moscow
999 Russian Plays on line
Audio of literature, poetry and speeches
Russian Films

Work & Study

Graduate programs in Slavic
Critical Languages Scholarships
Intensive language programs
Bard-Smolny Program
The School of Russian and Asian Studies
Bureau of Labor Statistics: Occupational Outlook Handbook


Virtual Tour of Moscow Metro
Skyscrapers and Population


Рамблер новости
РИА новости
Независимая газета
The Moscow Times
BBC Russia

For Fun

Russian Cartoons
Cheburashka with subtitles
Vinni Pukh with subtitles
Hedgehog in the Fog with subtitles
Picture Blog
Moscow Cam
Russian Tongue Twisters