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Linguistics Minor


Amanda Brown
323C HB Crouse

Undergraduate Advisor

Christopher R. Green
330 HB Crouse

Sample Minor Requirements

Consult the Course Catalog for specific requirements.

Students must complete 18 credits, 12 of which must be at the 300 level or above.

Required Courses

  • LIN 301 - Introductory Linguistic Analysis


  • LIN 431 - Phonological Analysis


  • LIN 441 - Syntactic Analysis

Additional Coursework

Of the remaining 12 credits, 6 must be in courses numbered at the 300 level or above. Choose from the following:

  • Any undergraduate-level LIN course
  • COG 301 - Introduction to Cognitive Science
  • CRS 430 - Intercultural Communication
  • PHI 251 - Logic
  • SPA 435 - Spanish Phonetics and Phonology
  • SPA 436 - The Structure of Spanish
  • SPA 437 - Introduction to Spanish Linguistics

Core LIN faculty in minor, Linguistic Studies: Tej K. Bhatia, Amanda Brown, Christopher R. Green, Gerald R. Greenberg, Rania Habib, Jaklin Kornfilt, Kenji Oda, Adam Roth Singerman, M. Emma Ticio Quesada

Select affiliated faculty in minor, Linguistic Studies: Michael Rieppel, Sylvia Sierra, Robert Van Gulick