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Forensics Faculty Featured in the Media

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Posted on: May 24, 2022

Kathleen Corrado, executive director of the Forensic and National Security Sciences Institute (FNSSI) in the College of Arts and Sciences, was recently interviewed on the Criminology Academy podcast. Hosted by Jose Sanchez and Jenn Tostlebe, both doctoral candidates at the University of Colorado Boulder, the podcast explores the field of criminology through conversations with academic professionals from various backgrounds and stages of their careers. In the episode featuring Corrado, she spoke about her experiences as a forensic science practitioner for over 25 years and how advancements in DNA analysis techniques have changed the field.

Corri Zoli, an affiliated faculty member and part-time instructor in FNSSI, spoke with WSYR-TV NewsChannel 9 about social media’s role in the Buffalo supermarket shooting. Zoli, a counterterrorism expert, said that social media can proliferate extremist ideologies and that preventing such tragedies in the future depends on community members paying attention to early warning signs.