Orange Alert

Vincent Yan


Degree Year: 2016

I am currently working as a Medicolegal Death Investigator for one of the largest and busiest Medical Examiner's Offices in the United States.  Once I receive a death notification, I talk to law enforcement agencies to determine the circumstances of the death.  I take photographs of the scene and examine the body for traumatic injuries.  I talk to family members for background information and to help them through one of the toughest days of their lives.  The FNSSI program at Syracuse University has prepared me very well with position.  The Forensic Pathology courses have provided me the medical background necessary to complete a thorough investigation.  The firearm courses provided me with hand-on experience with firearms, terminology, and scene findings.  The certificate in Medicolegal Death Investigation was tremendously helpful as I was taught how to communicate to other agencies and family members in stressful situations.  The mock scenes and real scenes that I attended during the program helped me write thorough investigative reports.  What I liked the most about the FNSSI program is that I worked very closely with individuals who are actually working in the forensic science field.  Because of this program, I felt confident in my ability to do well in this position since day one.