Orange Alert

Sam McCook


Degree Year: 2015

"I am currently employed as a Latent Print Examiner with the Atlanta Police Department in Atlanta, GA.  I am still in the early stages of my training program but am working everyday to improve, learn, and get closer to being signed-off for independent casework.  I will also be presenting a lecture this coming August at the International Association for Identification 102nd Forensic Educational Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.  My lecture will focus on recovery of latent prints from nonporous objects that were exposed to snow and winter weather conditions. My research on this topic was started in February 2015 under the direction of Mr. David Tate and Mr. Jesse Eller, instructors of the Latent Print Courses offered at Syracuse University. This research eventually transpired as a publication in Journal of Forensic Identification in December 2016 The Forensic and National Security Sciences Institute at Syracuse University provided me with a solid understanding of the scientific background related to the discipline of latent print examination.  At this point, the vast majority of my knowledge on the subject (latent prints) exists from what I learned during my time at Syracuse. I am looking forward to expanding on that knowledge by putting it to practical use in the lab here in Atlanta."