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Elizabeth Anderson


Degree Year: 2015

I am currently a Latent Print Examiner with the Onondaga County Center for Forensic Sciences (CFS) in Syracuse, NY.  I completed an M.S. from the Forensic and National Security Sciences Institute in May of 2015, and I was hired by the CFS that summer.  As a latent print examiner, I examine evidence that is submitted to our lab for fingerprints.  This includes chemically processing evidence to develop latent prints and comparing fingerprints to victims and suspects.  My interest in latent prints started while at SU where I gained an excellent base of knowledge in latent prints.  Initially, I wasn't sure which area of forensic science I wanted to pursue, but I was drawn to this program because of the range of classes available and the hands-on nature of the courses.  I use the knowledge and skills acquired while at SU daily in my job, and I'm glad I was able explore various forensic disciplines to find something that fit me.  I am also a course assistant for two latent print classes at the FNSSI (Intro to Latent Prints and Latent Print Processing).