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(Aug. 21, 2016)

Hillary Clinton Does Not Have Aphasia. Here's Why...
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(Aug. 12, 2016)

A Different View of Sound

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(Aug. 8, 2016)

A Different View of Sound

Assistant professor Jonathan Preston discusses current research using ultrasound to treat speech disorders. (VIDEO)

(July 19, 2016)

Kenny Morse Receives ARTA

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(May 11, 2016)

A&S Alumna Honored by MGH Institute of Health Professions

Jessica (Dembowski) Garrity ā€™06, Gā€™08 recognized for excellence in clinical supervision

(Sept. 29, 2015)

Syracuse Student Nabs Minority Leadership Award

Melisa Abernathy honored by American Speech-Language and Hearing Association

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