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Minor in Logic

General Information

The theory and techniques of formal logic play an important role in a variety of academic disciplines, including computer science, linguistics, mathematics, and philosophy. The logic minor acquaints students with the fundamentals of logical theory and technique that form a central part of all of these disciplines.


The minor in logic requires 18 credits, selected in consultation with the program advisor. At least 12 credits must be in courses numbered above 299. All students are required to take PHI 251 - Logic, as well as at least one more advanced course in logic selected from among the following:

  • PHI 451: Logic and Language
  • PHI 551: Mathematical Logic
  • PHI 552: Modal Logic
  • CIS 375: Introduction to Discrete Mathematics
  • CIS 473: Automata and Computability
  • MAT 375: Introduction to Abstract Mathematics

In addition to these, students may select from a variety of courses in philosophy, linguistics, computer science, and mathematics. For a complete list, see the Course Catalog.

If you have questions, please contact Michael Rieppel, Director of the logic minor, at

Program Faculty