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Romita Ray Gives Talks

Romita Ray holding a book.

Posted on: April 14, 2021

On April 9, Professor Romita Ray participated in a panel discussion along with internationally acclaimed artist Rina Banerjee and Jason Vartikar, Curator of Special Projects, Hunterdon Art Museum. The discussion was moderated by Prajit Dutta, partner, Aicon Art, and hosted by Aicon Gallery in New York City.

Rina Banerjee flyer lists Rina Banerjee, Romita Ray, and others.

Prof. Ray also gave a virtual guest lecture at the Everson Museum of Art on March 21, “Tea, Chit-Chat, and the Problem of Politeness,” and a presentation on images of Holi, the festival colors, in Indian Art, for a virtual celebration of Holi organized by the students in the School of Architecture on Friday, April 2.