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A&S | Maxwell Competencies

Learn what is included in each competency.

  • Ethics, Integrity, and Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Reflects on the dynamic relationships among social structures

Behaves in context of student code of conduct

Actively creates an inclusive and welcoming environment

  • Critical and Creative Thinking

Exploration and synthesis of ideas

Develop new insights

Exercise sound reasoning to analyze issues

  • Communication Skills: Written & Oral

Effective presentation of ideas to inform, persuade, or inspire

Uses sensitivity and research when challenging other people's views

Explains both simple and complex issues clearly and succinctly

  • Civic and Global Responsibility

Engagement in collaborative, civic and cross-cultural learning

Interact respectfully with all people

Actively participates in initiatives designed to enhance community

  • Scientific Inquiry and Research Skills

Application of scientific inquiry and problem solving

Rethinking existing frameworks

Intellectual curiosity

Develops and implements reliable, effective metrics to measure outcomes

  • Information Literacy and Technological Agility

Ability to responsibly obtain, interpret, and verify information

Demonstrate willingness to employ and use new technologies

Ethical, and critical application of various technologies

  • Teamwork/Collaboration

Work effectively with others in order to achieve a shared goal

Able to negotiate and manage conflict

Build collaborative relationships with colleagues and customers representing diverse viewpoints

  • Leadership

Ability to build consensus regarding operations of organization

Leverage the strengths of others to achieve common goals

Use interpersonal skills to coach and develop others

  • Professionalism

Accountability for one's own actions

Recognize and create opportunities

Understand effects of words, behaviors, and actions on the organization

Ability to determine goals and priorities

  • Career Management

Articulate skills, strengths, knowledge, and experiences developed through a liberal arts degree

Identify areas necessary for professional growth

Understand how to self-advocate for opportunities