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Religion Courses Spring 2022

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Spring 2022
Linked course titles have extended descriptions. Syllabi provided where available.
Course Title Day Time Instructor Room Syllabus Description
REL 102 Religion Today in a Globalizing World MW 12:45-2:05 Dr. Joanne Waghorne 021 Hinds
REL 103 Religion & Sports TTh 8:00-9:20 AM Dr. Philip Arnold Gifford Auditorium
REL 114/JSP The Bible in History, Culture, Religion TTh 3:30-4:50 Dr. James Watts 211 HL
REL 120 Introduction to the Study of Religion MW 2:15-3:35 Dr. William Robert CH 001
REL 165/MES/SAS Discovering Islam ONL Asynchronous Dr. Tazim Kassam Online
REL 186/SAS Buddhism TTh 5:00-6:20 John Abercrombie 105 HL
REL 191 Religion, Meaning, and Knowledge MW 5:15-6:35 Dr. Marcia Robinson 211 HL
REL 200 M001 ST: Global Christian Practices MW 12:45-2:05 Dr. Brian Konkol Hendricks Chapel
REL 200 M002 ST: Indigenous Food Cosmologies TTh 2:00-3:20 Dr. Mariaelena Huambachano SOM 302
REL 200 M003 ST: Anti-Judaism & Anti-Semitism TTh 12:30-1:50 Dr. Zachary Braiterman 121 Shaffer
REL 205 Ancient Greek Religion TTh 11:00-12:20 Dr. Virginia Burrus 114 HL
REL 239/JSP Jewish Humor and Satire TTh 2:00-3:20 Dr. Ken Frieden 114 HL
REL 242 Religious Issues in American Life TTh 9:30-10:50 Dr. Biko Gray 204 HBC
REL 252 Ethical Decision Making TTh 3:30-4:50 Dr. Terry Reeder 214 LSB
REL 253 Religion, Spirituality, and Nature MW 2:15-3:35 Dr. Gail Hamner 211 HL
REL 294 Mythologies MW 3:45-5:05 TBD Kittredge Aud.
REL 300 M001 ST: Religion and Politics TTh 3:30-4:50 Dr. Mark Brockway 141 N3
REL 300 M002 ST: God the Activist TTh 12:30-1:50 Dr. Biko Gray 070 Eggers
REL 320 M001 Ancient Magic TTh 9:30-10:50 Daniel Kimmel 215 HL
REL 320 M002 Yoga and Mysticism MW 12:45-2:05 Alexandra Berger 104 Tolley
REL 320 M003 Magic, Witchcraft, and the Occult TTh 5:00-6:20 Diana Brown Heroy Aud.
REL 335/JSP/LIT/MES Israeli Literature and Culture TTh 11:00-12:20 Dr. Erella Brown-Sofer 203 Shaffer
REL 338 M001/JSP American Judaism TTh 11:00-12:20 Dr. Shira Schwartz 111 Maxwell
REL 338 M002/JSP American Judaism TTh 3:30-4:50 Dr. Shira Schwartz 221 D Shaffer
REL 359/BIO/PHI 396 Stem Cells and Society TTh 12:30-1:50 Drs. Brockway, Erdman 105 LSB
REL 361/PSC/MES 381 Islamic Law and Society MW 2:15-3:35 Dr. Yuksel Sezgin 214 HL
REL 362/PSC/MES 362 Islamism and Islamist Movements MW 12:45-2:05 Dr. Hossein Bashiriyeh 010 Eggers
REL 364/MES/SAS Enchanting Words: Muslim Poets, Singers, Storytellers ONL Asynchronous Dr. Tazim Kassam ONL
REL 439/JSP Senior Seminar: Confession, Comedy, Performance TTh 3:30-6:15 Dr. Ken Frieden 504 HL
REL 600 M002 ST: Religion and Technology W 5:15-8:00 Dr. Zachary Braiterman 504 HL
REL 600 M003 ST: Textual Ethnography M 5:15-8:00 Dr. Shira Schwartz 504 HL
REL 610 Eros, Ethics, Religion, & Kierkegaard TTh 12:30-3:15 Dr. Marcia Robinson 504 HL
REL 630 Confession, Comedy, and Performance T 3:30-6:15 Dr. Ken Frieden 504 HL