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Summer Course Offerings in the Department of Religion

Posted on: May 8, 2019

Religion is deeply connected to the human experience. This summer we are continuing our exploration of the historical and contemporary role of religion in the making of art, thought, and civilization, and invite you to join us!

If you have humanities requirements that you need or would like to fulfill, and are interested in developing a critical awareness of one of the foundations of human culture & society, please consider taking one or more of the following exciting online courses:


World Religions Flyer  
Caption: Religions of the World Flyer 

Religion and Sports 
Caption: Religion and Sports Flyer 

Discovering Islam Flyer 
Caption: Discovering Islam Flyer 

Religion, Meaning and Knowledge Flyer 
Caption: Religion Meaning and Knowledge Flyer 

For more information on these courses, please email the professors at their respective addresses above or view this course descriptions PDF.