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David Miller leads an Active Retirement

Posted on: Oct. 15, 2015

David L. Miller (Watson-Ledden Professor of Religion Emeritus), has been very active in retirement. He has had four major publications in the past two years: "On the Edge of the Round Table: Eranos and Theological Studies," Spring 92, 2015, 155-167; "The Indispensability of Theories of Myth for Biblical Studies: A Response to Robert Segal," in: D. Callender, ed., Myth and Scripture: Contemporary Perspectives on Religion, Language and Imagination  (Atlanta: SBL Scholars Press, 2014, 285-289; "Jung's Warning about Faith: The Psychological Danger of Belief," in: M. Sipiora, ed., Imaging Psychological Life: Philosophical, Psychological and Poetic Reflections, Amherst: Trivium Publications, 2014, 99-106; "Mything the Study of Myth," Jung Journal: Culture and Psyche, volume 8, issue 4, 2014, 14-25.