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Women and Gender Minorities Group

Syracuse Philosophy Women and Gender Minorities Group

The Women and Gender Minorities Group (WAGM) is comprised of the women and gender minorities in the philosophy department, including both graduate students and faculty. WAGM is committed to addressing gender issues in our department and in the discipline at large. The group has been meeting regularly since 2010 with the intention of promoting a hospitable and supportive climate for those who are marginalized according to gender in our profession, in part by establishing a strong community among women and gender minorities at the graduate and faculty level. WAGM puts on several regular events throughout the academic year. These are made possible through the financial support of the Syracuse Philosophy Department.

WAGM Speakers

Each year members of WAGM have the opportunity to invite a philosopher of their choosing to give a talk as part of the department's colloquia series. The visit includes a private lunch with the speaker and WAGM members, as well as a department-wide dinner, both sponsored by the department. Recent speakers have included Sharon Street, Natalie Stoljar, and Julia Driver.

WAGM Brunch

Each fall, WAGM meets for brunch at a local restaurant, sponsored by the department. This offers women and gender minorities the opportunity to voice any concerns they may have regarding professional and academic development, as well as gender issues in the profession and in the department. It is also a fun social event and a chance for graduate students and faculty members to establish personal relationships.


WAGM has sometimes organized meet-and-greet events open to undergraduate women and gender minorities interested in philosophy. The event was created to encourage undergraduates of genders underrepresented in the profession to pursue philosophy. This event provides an opportunity for philosophy majors, minors, or simply anyone taking a class in philosophy to meet WAGM graduate students and faculty.

WAGM Working Papers

The graduate students of WAGM meet regularly each semester to workshop a member's paper in progress. Sessions are informal and provide a friendly and supportive environment where the presenter can receive constructive feedback on their work.

Resources for Works by Gender-Marginalized Philosophers: