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What am I? What can I know? What must I do?

In your philosophy classes, you will improve your powers of reasoning and critical thinking and discuss influential theories of human nature, knowledge and reality, morality, justice, and the meaning of life. You will also develop analytical and communicative skills applicable to concrete problems in the real world, which is why philosophy majors succeed in a variety of fields, including business, journalism, non-profit work, and government. A Philosophy major is an ideal choice for students heading to law school. Based on test scores, a Philosophy major also provides excellent preparation for post-graduate education in several areas.

Philosophy at Syracuse

The Philosophy department directs the undergraduate Philosophy Club, which is open to all SU undergrads. We also run Philosophy Lab, an after-school program offered in local schools. Every year, we host speakers on a range of philosophical topics, as well as the Alston and Anbar lectures. With support from the Alice Hooker '34 Endowed Fund for Philosophy, we organize SPAWN (Syracuse Philosophy Annual Workshop and Network) and we manage the online Philosophy journal Ergo.

Our faculty conduct world-class research spanning many different areas of philosophy, including ethics, political philosophy, philosophy of race, metaphysics, philosophy of language, philosophy of mind and history of philosophy.

Our Ph.D. program, ranked among the top-50 in the U.S., attracts graduate students from around the world. Our graduate student groups include Women and Gender Minorities and Minorities and Philosophy, which organize events throughout the academic year, as well as the Philosophy Graduate Student Organization (PGSO), which hosts an annual conference.

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Latest News
Magazine cover

(May 22, 2024)

Spring 2024 Issue of Aurantium published!

The Spring 2024 issue of Aurantium, SU's undergraduate philosophy journal, is now available at

Teresa Bruno photo

(May 9, 2024)

Dr. Teresa Bruno-Niño Accepts Lecturer Position at Rice University

Dr. Teresa Bruno-Niño accepts two-year position at Rice University.

Aatif Abbas portrait

(April 22, 2024)

Aatif Abbas Defends Dissertation

Aatif Abbas Defends Dissertation

Victor Sholl portrait

(March 13, 2024)

Victor Sholl Wins Mary Hatch Marshall Award!

Victor Sholl has won the Mary Hatch Marshall Award for his essay: "Writing the story of the world: the case for World Narrativism."Congratulations, Victor!

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