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Below is a listing of all PhDs awarded since 2000 along with placement information. 

TT=tenure-track (or continuing tenure-track equivalent); T=tenured; PTI=part-time instructor.




Placement Dissertation Title Advisor


Lorenza D'Angelo


Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies (1-year postdoc)

"Valent Experience: On Its Non-sensory Nature, Its Unity, and Its Place in Value Theory." Ben Bradley


Stacy Kohls

(defending in Spring 2024)


Southwestern Illinois College (Assistant Professor, TT, starting in Fall 2024)

"A New Hobbesian Constructivism" Hille Paakkunainen


Aatif Abbas

(defending in Spring 2024)


Colgate University Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (starting in Fall 2024) and Assistant Professor, TT (starting in Fall 2026).

"Global Justice through Poor People's Perspectives." Kenneth Baynes


Nikki Fortier


Ithaca College (Adjunct Professor)

"Bringing Hedonism Back: Towards an Objective Hedonistic Account of Well-Being" Ben Bradley and David Sobel


Huzeyfe Demirtas


Chapman University (2-year postdoc)

"Responsibility Internalism and Responsibility for AI" Ben Bradley


Dante Dauksz


University of Rochester (Adjunct Professor)

"Space and Time in Kant's Inaugural Dissertation" Fred Beiser


Jan Swiderski



"Metaphysical Coherentism" Mark Heller


Rowan Bell


University of Missouri (postdoc), University of Guelph (Assistant Professor TT)

"Gender Norms and Gendered Traits" Hille Paakkunainen


Teresa Bruno-NiƱo


Penn State University (Assistant Teaching Professor)

"On the Prudential Power of Beliefs and Fittingness of Attitudes" David Sobel


Benjamin Cook



"Powers and the Metaphysics of Fundamentality" Kris McDaniel


Carolyn Garland


Non-academic "Explaining the Metaphysics of Grief" Kris McDaniel/Hille Paakkunainen


Isaiah Lin


Providence Christian College (Assistant Professor TT)

"On the Plurality of Existences" Kristopher McDaniel


Byron Simmons


Texas A&M University (Visiting Assistant Professor)

"The Nature of Being" Kristopher McDaniel


Amir Arturo Javier-Castellanos



"Issues in the Metaphysics of Material Objects" Mark Heller


Naomi Dershowitz



"All the Small Things: Contingent Mereological Nihilism" Mark Heller


Joseph Hedger


Syracuse University (adjunct) "Seeing and Believing: Philosophical Issues in Theory of Mind Development" Robert Van Gulick


Li Kang


Washington and Lee University - (Assistant Professor-TT) "Spreading Structures" Kris McDaniel


James Lee


Visiting Assistant Professor at SUNY Oswego "A Metaphysician's User Guide: The Epistemology of Metaphysics" Kris McDaniel


Kendall Fisher


Seattle University (TT) "Thomas Aquinas on the Metaphysical Nature of the Soul and It's Union with the Body" Kara Richardson and Kris McDaniel


Nicole Dular


Notre Dame of Maryland University (Assistant Professor TT) "Knowing Better, Reasoning Together" David Sobel and Hille Paakkunainen


Sean Clancy


East China Normal University (TT) "What Counts as Desiring the Actual Good" Ben Bradley


Steve Steward


non-academic "On What Consists in What" Kristopher McDaniel


Preston Werner


Hebrew University (TT) "Seeing Right and Wrong: A Defense of A Posteriori Intuitionism" David Sobel


Travis Timmerman


Seton Hall University (TT) "In Defense of Deprivationism" Ben Bradley


Yishai Cohen


University of Southern Maine (TT) "Incompatibilist Alternative Possibilities" Mark Heller


Kirsten Egerstrom


Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Whatcom Community College "Practical Identity and Meaninglessness" Ben Bradley


Mihnea Capraru


Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan (assistant professor) "The Sundial Tribe and the Labyrinth of Purpose" Robert Van Gulick/Thomas McKay


Amy Massoud


Syracuse University (adjunct) "Moral Worth and Supererogation" Ben Bradley


Ryan Hubbard


Gulf Coast State College (TT) "A Defense of Formal Contractualism" Kenneth Baynes


Charles (Rich) Booher


De Anza College, Cupertino, CA (TT) "Perfection, History and Harmonious Individuality: Herder's Ethical Thought, 1765-1791" Frederick Beiser


Aaron Wolf


Colgate University (Visiting Assistant Professor) "Where the Reasons Come From" Ben Bradley


Jacob Greenblum


Springfield Memorial Health Hospital (Clinical Ethicist) "Social Equality: On the Aim of Distributive Justice" Kenneth Baynes


Jason Rourke


  "Questions and Inquiry: Some Epistemological Applications" Mark Heller


Andrew Specht


Allan Hancock College (ITS Director) "Kant and the Neglected Alternative" Frederick Beiser


Mark Barber


Non-academic employment "Ground and Relative Fundamentality" Mark Heller


Kristen Oganowski


Non-academic employment "Centralizing Ambiguity: Simone de Beauvoir and a Twenty-First Century Ethics" Linda Alcoff


John Monteleone


Lemoyne College (TT) "Feeling in Character: Towards an Ethics of Emotion" Michael Stocker
Matthew Skene Aurora Community College, Colorado (adjunct) "Putting the Ghost Back in the Machine: A Defense of Common Sense Dualism" Robert Van Gulick
Kelly McCormick Texas Christian University (TT) "Towards a Revisionist Account of Moral Responsibility" Andre Gallois
David Bzdak Professor at Onondaga Community College "Knowing How: An Empirical, Functionalist Approach" Mark Heller
Joel Brown U.S. Air Force Academy (Assistant Professor) "Kant, Derivative Influence, and the Metaphysics of Causality" Frederick Beiser
Jordan Dodd Lecturer at University of British Columbia "Meaningful Experiences: An Essay on Experiences of Understanding" Robert Van Gulick
Anthony Fisher

Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Washington

"Ideology and Fundamentality: A Study in Metaphysics" André Gallois
Jeremy Dickinson Cal Poly San Luis Obispo (lecturer) "An Essay on the Ontology of Reasons" Mark Heller
Paul Prescott


Upstate Medical University (Lecturer)

"On Pessimism: A Study in Normative Psychology" Michael Stocker
Patrick Beach Cycorp (Ontological Engineer) "Moral Luck" Ben Bradley
Andrew Corsa Lynn University, Boca Raton (Associate Professor) "Thomas Hobbes' Response to the Fool: Justice and Magnanimity" Edward McClennen
Jeremy Pierce

LeMoyne College (adjunct)

"A Realist Metaphysics of Race: a Context-Sensitive, Short-Term Retentionalist, Long-Term Revisionist Approach" Linda Alcoff
Deke Gould

Professor of Philosophy at Augustana College

"Analyticity, Platonism, and A Priori Knowledge" André Gallois
Aaron Koller Non-academic employment "The Flower of Human Perfection: Moses Mendelssohn's Defense of Rationalist Aesthetics" Frederick Beiser
Steffen Borge University of Tromsø (Associate Professor) "Speaker's Meaning: An Essay in the Philosophy of Language" John Hawthorne
Kora Gould Black Hawk College (TT) "Personal Identity, Reductionism and Eliminativism" André Gallois
KienHow Goh First appointment: Central Washington University (VAP); current appointment unknown "Fichte's Theory of Practical Agency" Frederick Beiser


Jason Clark


University of Osnabrueck, GERMANY (postdoc)

"Classifying Emotions in Biology, Psychology, and Philosophy: Evoluntionary, Developmental, and Functional Continuities Between Basic and Higher-Cognitive Emotions"

Bence Nanay
Adam Schechter Yale University - Human Research Protection Program "Valuing Life: A Moral Defense of the Right to Die in Liberal Democracy" Laurence Thomas
Brendan Murday Ithaca College (T) "Two Dimensionalism and Semantic Content" André Gallois
Edison Barrios University of Utah (3-yr 2013-2016) "The Foundations of Linguistics: Two Theses" Thomas McKay
Nathan Hanna Drexel University (TT) "The Justifiability of Punishment" Kenneth Baynes/Edward McClennen
Christopher Calvert-Minor University of Wisconsin, Whitewater (T) "Practicist Epistemology and the Social Dimension" Linda Alcoff
Irem Kurtsal Steen Allegheny College (TT), begin Fall 2020 "Composition, Vagueness, and Persistence" André Gallois
Michael McFall Annapolis Area Christian School  "Self-Respect and Family Egalitarianism" (passed with distinction) Laurence Thomas
Michael McKeon Barry University (T) "The Value of Religious Commitments in a Pluralistic Society" Laurence Thomas
Kevin Kukla Teach for America "An Anti-Bivalentist Solution to the Sorites Paradox" André Gallois
Mark Scala West Texas A&M (TT) "Three-Dimensionalism" John Hawthorne
Jessica (Wollam) Logue University of Portland (lecturer) "Context and Anti-Essentialism: A Thoroughgoing Approach" Edward Mooney
Craig Hanson Palm Beach Atlantic University (T) "Addiction: Rationality and Responsibility" Edward McClennen
Philip Pegan Neumann University (TT) "The Nature of Assertion" John Hawthorne
Dimitria Gatzia University of Akron, Wayne (TT) "Color Fictionalism: Color Discourse without Colors" Clyde Hardin
Laurence James Non-academic employment "The Meaningfulness of Life" Michael Stocker
Mark Steen Boğaziçi University, Istanbul (TT) "Stuff, Process, and Object: An Examination of Substance and Its Alternatives" André Gallois
Kari Middleton Freelance writer and editor, Portland, Oregon "Conceptions and Consequences of Semantic Underdetermination" Thomas McKay
John Draeger Buffalo State (T) "Caring for Others: A Theory of Moral Reasons" Michael Stocker
Seth Shabo University of Delaware (T) "Holding Responsible without Ultimate Responsibility: Towards a Communitarian Defense of Compatibilism" Michael Stocker
Erik Schmidt Gonzaga University (T) "Beyond Comparison: Incomparability and hte Psychology of Choice" Michael Stocker
Daniel Haggerty University of Scranton (T) "Moral Magnetism: A Study in Relations of Emotion, Value & World" Michael Stocker
Eric Funkhouser University of Arkansas (T) "Eluding Exclusion: Making Room for the Special Sciences" Robert Van Gulick
Patricia Psomas In Athens, Greece (no further information) "Speech Act Theories of Meaning" William P. Alston
Carol Quinn Metro State College (T) "Reconsidering the Nazi Debate: The Moral Aspects of Deciding Whether to Use the Nazi Data" Samuel Gorovitz
Sean McAleer University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire (T) "Kant and Virtue Ethics" Michael Stocker
David Kim University of San Francisco (T) "Mortal Feelings: A Theory of Revulsion and the Intimacy of Agency" Michael Stocker
Robert Fudge Weber State University (T) "An Anti-Realist Account of Aesthetic Properties" Philip Peterson
Pierre LeMorvan The College of New Jersey (T) "A Defense of the Theory of Appearing" William P. Alston
Heather Battaly California State University, Fullerton (T) "What Are the Virtues of Virtue Epistemology?" William P. Alston