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Huilin “Linda” Sun

Huilin “Linda” Sun

Huilin “Linda” Sun

Assistant Professor


350 Marley Educational Building


  • Ph.D., School Psychology, Texas A&M University (2022)
  • B.S., Special Education & Child Studies, Vanderbilt University (2014)

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Courses Taught

Socioemotional Assessment, Cognitive Intellectual Assessment, Direct Academic Assessment

Biographic Overview

Linda Sun’s research is focused on using neurophysiological methods such as eye tracking and EEG to study academic and emotional development in children. She completed her Ph.D. in school psychology at Texas A&M University in 2022.

Research Interests

Reading, EEG, neurodevelopmental disorders

Research Specializations

School Psychology, literacy development, electroencephalography, neurodevelopmental disorders


Sun, H., Shi, Q., Pazoki, S., Jia, Y., & Woltering, S. (2023). Neurophysiological Correlates of Reading Difficulties in Elementary School Children. Developmental Neuropsychology, DOI: 10.1080/87565641.2023.2225664.

Lee, S., Woltering, S., Prickett, C., Shi, Q., & Sun, H., & Thompson, J., (2021). Exploring the Associations between Oral Reading Fluency and Eye Movements in Elementary Children’s Silent Sentence Reading. Reading Psychology.

Lin, D., Sun, H., & McBride, C. (2019). Morphological awareness predicts the growth rate of Chinese character reading. Developmental Science, 22(4), e12793.

Liu, Y., Sun, H., Lin, D., Li, H., Yeung, S.-S., & Wong, T.-Y. (2018). The unique role of executive function skills in predicting Hong Kong kindergarteners’ reading comprehension. British Journal of Educational Psychology, 88(4), 628-644. doi:10.1111/bjep.12207

Lin, D., Liu, Y., Sun, H., Wong, R. K. S., & Yeung, S. S. (2017). The pathway to English word reading in Chinese ESL children: The role of spelling. Reading and Writing, 30(1), 87-103. doi:10.1007/s11145-016-9664-6

Lin, D., Sun, H., & Zhang, X. (2016). Bidirectional relationship between visual spatial skill and Chinese character reading in Chinese kindergartners: A cross-lagged analysis. Contemporary Educational Psychology, 46, 94-100. doi:10.1016/j.cedpsych.2016.04.008

Honors and Awards

Emerging Scholar Award, Texas A&M University