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Gabriela portrait

(Nov. 7, 2018)

Gabriela Susana

Neuroscience Undergraduate Student Shares Liberal Arts Experience

(Oct. 29, 2018)

Psychology Undergraduate Awarded Funding

Psychology Undergraduate Awarded Funding for Honors Thesis Project

Sandra and Regina

(Oct. 22, 2018)

S. Hewett and Catague

Neuroscience Lab Awarded NIH Grant to Promote Diversity in Research

(July 24, 2018)

James Hewett Appointed Director FNSSI

Associate Professor James Hewett Appointed as Newest Director of Forensic and National Security Sciences Institute (FNSSI)


(July 24, 2018)

John Pollock

Alumnus Dr. John Pollock (Ph.D. Biophysics 1984; M.S. Physics 1983; B.S. Physics 1978) Receives Presidential Award

(July 19, 2018)

Neuroscience Faculty Awards

Neuroscience Faculty Awards and Honors

(July 11, 2018)

Neuroscience Students Excel

Neuroscience ILM Undergraduate Students Excel Beyond Syracuse University

(May 14, 2018)

Jozef J. Zwislocki

Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Neuroscience, Jozef J. Zwislocki, Passes Away at 96

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