Orange Alert

Statement on Recent Events and Hateful Speech

Posted on: Nov. 22, 2019

As educators, students, and staff in the English Department, we believe that it is our duty to ensure a safe environment that is conducive to learning for all of our students. We condemn the hate crimes and hateful speech acts on our campus, and we call on the University to make its top priority the institutional and curricular changes which student demonstrators have demanded. Without these changes, racism, xenophobia and other forms of bias will continue to impact our students unequally and jeopardize our own educational mission. As conscientious members of an intellectual community devoted to continuing projects of equity and justice, we understand that the foundations of our goals in the humanities are at stake in this moment, and we pledge to meet our obligation to provide a just and safe space for learning.

Crystal Bartolovich,
Dorri Beam,
Margaret Butler,
Dympna C. Callaghan,
Maxwell Cassity,
Dylan Caskie,
Caroline Charles,
Vicky Cheng,
Ariel Chu,
Steven Cohan,
John Colasacco,
Neil Brian Cooney,
Sean M. Conrey,
Lauren Cooper,
Rhyse Curtis,
Jonathan Dee,
Deya Dasgupta,
Susan Edmunds,
Natalie El-Eid,
Chris A. Eng,
Jonah Evans,
Carol Fadda,
Jess Fenn,
Arthur R. Flowers, Jr.,
Chris Forster,
Ken Frieden,
Jackson Frons,
Jacob Gedetsis,
Jules Gibbs,
Elizabeth Gleesing,
Mike Goode,
Sue-jin Green,
Taylore Grunert,
Matthew Grzecki,
Roger Hallas,
Chris Hanson,
Sarah Harwell,
Brooks Haxton,
Evan Hixon,
Allie Hoback,
Brian Holmes,
Theodore James,
Molly Johnsen,
Mary Karr,
Chris Kennedy,
Katherine Kidd,
Haejoo Kim,
Coran Klaver,
Madeline Krumel,
Rebecca Kurtz,
Myriam Lacroix,
Florencia Lauria,
Jon Lemay,
Sarah Liebowitz,
Erin Mackie,
Patricia Moody,
Laura Moreno,
Jacqueline Mueser,
Alex O'Connell,
Ashley “Aley” O’Mara,
Zeynep Özakat,
Asli Ozyenginer,
Genevieve Payne,
Sidney Rende,
Patty J. Roylance,
John Sanders,
Will Scheibel,
Stephanie Shirilan,
Ruma Sinha,
Bruce Smith,
Rachel Snyder-Lockman,
Anthony Veasna So,
Dana Spiotta,
Keith Stahl,
Simon Staples-Vangel,
Scott Manning Stevens,
Harvey Teres,
Silvio A. Torres-Saillant,
Lito Velázquez,
Cassidy Wheeler,
Terri Zollo