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Natural Science Explorers Program

Logo of the program. Cartoon of the Earth  with a magnifying glass zooming in a fossil. Text above Earth "I'm an explorer!". Text below Earth "Natural Science Explorers Program."

Mission Statement

The Natural Science Explorers Program (NSEP) seeks to inspire scientific curiosity in elementary students through a collaborative, graduate student-led educational program. We use inquiry-based learning and culturally responsive teaching to engage students in the scientific process and empower them to explore the natural world around them.


  • Motivate students to explore the natural world through the lens of ecology, evolution, earth, and the environment.
  • Share the excitement of being a scientist with young members of our community.
  • Use our knowledge of science and pedagogy to engage with and learn from a diverse student body.
  • Increase diversity in STEM by inspiring students from ethnically diverse to explore the natural world through the lens of their own experience.
  • Promote science identity by encouraging students to follow the scientific process by asking questions and having science discussions.

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Natural Science Explorers Program