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Orphaned oil well pump in farm field.

(June 27, 2023)

A New Way Forward for Orphaned Oil and Gas Wells

EES Professor Tao Wen collaborates on a project evaluating the environmental risks and opportunities for managing millions of abandoned oil and gas wells.

Mills River in Pisgah National Forest North Carolina.

(June 12, 2023)

A Machine Learning Approach to Freshwater Analysis

Researchers at Syracuse University and Texas A&M use computer modeling to find out the sources of salinization and alkalinization in U.S. watersheds.

Melissa Chipman holding a freshly extracted sediment core from an Alaskan Lake.

(May 19, 2023)

Testing Boreal Forests’ Blood Pressure

A&S professor Melissa Chipman was awarded National Science Foundation grant funding to study the ancient geochemistry of Arctic forests to understand interactions between boreal fire and climate change.

Lu presenting the seafood dish to Mike and Susan Thonis.

(May 11, 2023)

What's Cooking? Culinary Creations with a Scientific Twist

Earth and Environmental Sciences Professor Zunli Lu combines his passion for research and cooking. The results are tasty, science-inspired dishes.

Aerial view of the study region in the Argentine Andes.

(March 3, 2023)

Rare Isotopes Help Unlock Mysteries in the Argentine Andes

Researchers from Syracuse University’s Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences published a study documenting erosion rates in the Andes Mountains.

(March 2, 2023)

A&S Faculty Collect Top National Awards and Grants

EES professor Tripti Bhattacharya, physics professor Alison Patteson and chemistry professor Olga Makhlynets are recognized for their innovative and noteworthy research contributions.

East Antarctic Ice sheet flowing through the Transantarctic Mountains.

(Jan. 23, 2023)

Rock-Solid Data: Friendship Helps Lead to Discovery of Tectonic History of Subglacial Antarctica

Paul Fitzgerald and a longtime friend-turned-scientific-collaborator published the study in Nature Communications.

Exterior of Hall of Languages in winter.

(Jan. 18, 2023)

A Warm Winter Welcome to A&S’ Newest Faculty Members

The College of Arts and Sciences welcomes eight new professors this semester.

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