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You can read about our copyright policies at and read our privacy statement.

General Borrowing

  • All users have the same privilages:
  • 28 days for books
  • 2 hours for sound recordings (in library use only)
  • 2 hours for Reserve materials
  • Videos (non-circulating except for faculty & staff)
  • Renewal up to 5x by phone or online

Fine Policies on Overdue Items: Applies to all users

  • 4 day grace period
  • $0.50 per day for each item from the first day item is overdue
  • $15 maximum fine per book
  • $0.50 per hour for overdue Reserve material

Non-Returned Items:

  • $65 per item replacement cost

Overdue Recall:

  • $2 per day ($30 max per book)
  • $3 per day for Reserve material ($30 max per book)

Damaged Items:

  • Repair cost assessed after book is returned

Media Use

Guidlines for Usage

The following guidelines have been established by the Library for the use of media resources:

The MLK Library adheres to the face-to-face definition prescribed by the Copyright Act (Section 110) for use of its media resources. As an extension of Syracuse University, the MLK Library also applies the Fair Use Guidelines for Educational Multimedia to policies related to this format. The guidelines allow for most classroom uses of media with the understanding that the viewing is done by faculty, guest lecturers, and/or students in connection with face-to-face teaching activities. MLK media can not be shown at public events. Exceptions are strictly limited to media expressly licensed for public performance. As noted in the SUMMIT (Syracuse University Library Online Catalog), not all media purchases include public performance rights. The MLK Library does not allow any audio or video duplication.

  1. Borrowing privileges are extended only to faculty, teaching assistants and staff. A signed acknowledgement of the above mentioned statement is required for use and adherence to this statement then becomes the sole responsibility of the borrower. All SU affiliated users are welcome to view these materials in the MLK Cluster viewing station.
  2. SU Faculty and Teaching Assistants with faculty authorization (either written or with verbal agreement from the Librarian), may borrow no more than three titles at a time for a period not to exceed one week from the date of checkout as prescribed by the following:
    1. For review to prepare for classroom or assigned purposes.
    2. To show in a regularly scheduled University courses.


All requests for media must be made no less than 24 hours prior to the desired screening times.

Media on Reserve for AAS classes will be loaned to faculty outside of the department at the discretion of the MLK Librarian and shall by no means interfere or supersede scheduled use by AAS faculty.

Faculty may request media for student classroom projects however, adherence to copyright guidelines compliance will remain the same. The faculty member will assume full responsibility for the material including replacement and damage fees costs.

All media must be returned to the MLK Library or Department of African American Studies only. Under the discretion of the MLK Librarian, items may be transferred to Syracuse University Library’s Media department for in-house viewing only when MLK is closed. In this case, transfer and retrieval of media will be handled by MLK staff.

Any exceptions and/or questions in regards to the media policy can only be made with the approval of the MLK Librarian.

Updated 5/2021