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MLK Library Collections

Harriet Tubman Collection (Gold label-Special Collection)

Established through a 1999 SU Vision Fund grant with the assistance of Emeritus Professor Milton Sernett, the focus of the collection is on Harriet Tubman and her associated causes and personalities related to the Underground Railroad, Women’s Suffrage & Abolitionism.

Location: MLK Special Collections barrister case

The Ford Foundation: Gender, Black Feminism and Environmental Justice Special Collection (Silver label-Special Collection)

*Created by a grant awarded to Drs. Linda Carty and Kishi Animashaun Durce from the Ford Foundation in 2006, the collection encompasses the intersection of the three collection components (Gender, Black Feminism and Environmental Justice) and includes issues related to First Nation’s People with an emphasis on local tribes and outreach to the Nations as a whole. Treatment includes media, artifacts, memorabilia and ephemeral.

Location: MLK Special Collections barrister case

Rare and Autographed Collection

Non-Circulating materials with limited availability, unique treatment and/or format. Autographed editions are publications by faculty, noted authors, celebrities and visitors to Syracuse University.

*Exceptions will be made for some loan requests only at the discretion of the librarian.

Location: MLK Special Collections barrister case

The Department of African American Studies, Masters of Art in Pan African Studies Thesis Collection

Non-circulating, loans available to graduate level students and faculty. Research projects conducted in completion of degree requirements.

Location: MLK Special Collections barrister case