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Client Testimonials

"Our clinician who worked with our son weekly was fantastic! She was very attentive, creative, interactive and engaging. She brought out the best in our son."

"The Gebbie Clinic provides masterful and exemplary service!! Thank You!"

"My husband has been coming to the Gebbie Clinic since March 2015. He looks forward to his group sessions and we are still seeing improvements over time in his speech. He feels comfortable here and has built a wonderful rapport with the staff and students. I am grateful he has this opportunity."

“I would, without hesitation, recommend your clinic to anyone in need of you service.”

“We have had a wonderful experience with all the clinicians and supervisors at Gebbie Clinic. Thank you for all your expertise.”

“The service provided is outstanding. Very proud of the Gebbie Clinic.”

"Our student clinician was the consummate professional - kind, passionate and very helpful. She answered all of my questions, did research and went above and beyond to find extra tools to assist in my recovery. I cannot thank her enough!"

“Couldn't have hoped for a better, more professional, or pleasant experience.”

Alumni Testimonials

“The program has many knowledgeable, dedicated, and passionate faculty members. The program also has a wide variety of course topics from required courses to elective courses. This allowed for exposure to many different components of speech-language pathology. The elective courses were especially helpful, as students were able to choose which courses interested them the most. The program also incorporates a good balance between didactic and practical components.”

“The program provided a well-rounded experience in many areas of the field. Professors were always available, I really felt that the professors and the office staff worked really hard to help us succeed. The length of the externship placements allowed me to not simply get a feel for the setting, but to manage the caseload and learn the corresponding skills. I feel this is one of the things that makes SU SLP students stronger in comparison to neighboring programs.”

“The professors were excellent. The knowledge that [we] got from classes, and the level of information given in classes, was good.”

“In talking with other AuD students doing externships … at other programs, there is a lot of competition for getting outside placements. At SU, students were guaranteed an outside placement (not necessary at a specific place, but just guaranteed that they would get a placement).”

“Really well prepared for externships and being out in the field… Gebbie Clinic is amazing, state of the art atmosphere, technologies available, watching self on video was extremely helpful.”

“When I was applying for jobs many employers commented on how impressed they were with how many different sites I had been to and what [a] unique and great opportunity that was, because not all schools offer that. That is one of the reasons I chose SU and it really has benefitted me...”

Externship Supervisor Testimonials

“My student had strong theoretical knowledge and was able to critically evaluate, analyze and solve student-centered problems…”

“I was very impressed with the preparedness of the graduate student I supervised.”

“I have seen many changes and additions [in] the program over the last 10 years that have improved the students' readiness and understanding of the world of speech pathology outside of class and clinic. I truly feel my student came in with everything she needed to be successful.”