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How Long (Ph.D. Audiology)

How long does a Ph.D. in Audiology take?

The duration of the graduate program varies from person-to-person, and may depend on factors such as whether or not the student already has an AuD degree, whether or not the student is also planning to complete a clinical externship during the course of the program, the number of years of full-time enrollment, and time needed to complete the dissertation.


It is generally recommended that students plan to complete the PhD or AuD/PhD full-time. Students with an AuD degree who are enrolled full-time may complete the PhD in approximately 4 years. Students who are completing the dual AuD/PhD degree will need at least 6 years to complete the requirements.


Part-time enrollment is possible for a portion of the program, although less financial assistance is available to part-time students and the program will also take longer to complete. Additionally, it is required that all PhD students spend at least two semesters enrolled as a full-time student.

See the Advancement to Candidacy/Time to Degree section of the Academic Rules for current timelines and requirements. Candidates must reach candidacy (complete all required course work and pass the qualifying examination) within 7 years from the date of matriculation into the doctoral program. In addition, the doctoral degree must be completed within 5 years from the end of the semester in which candidacy was granted.