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Dr. Lowell volunteers at an orphanage in Costa Rica

Posted on: Aug. 1, 2017

In spring, 2017 I was wrapping up my research leave period and looking for an immersion experience in which I could advance my cultural competency skills, give service to the international community, and refresh and grow my Spanish skills. I previously worked as a bilingual clinician for many years, but since being in academia have had fewer opportunities to work with Spanish-speaking clients.

I found a wonderful organization called the GoECO program, which works with local language and volunteer institutes around the world. They offered a 3 week volunteerism project in the area of social services, and worked with a fantastic local institute in San José, Costa Rica called the Costa Rican Language Academy (CRLA).

Dr. Soren Lowell, Associate Professor

(Full article in SU News to come!)