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B.S. in Physics

Degree Program Information

The Bachelor of Science program is an excellent preparation for many fields and careers. The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in physics requires at least 38 hours of physics coursework, including at least 30 credit hours of upper division courses (numbered 300 or above). An additional 12 credit hours of mathematics is required.

The following sample curriculum meets the requirements for the B.S. Some of the specific required courses may be modified by petition to the department. This page contains the checklist for students to help navigate the curriculum appropriate for their specific catalog year.

Program requirements can be found at the catalog link in the sidebar.

Want to sign up for the physics major? Come see us! Email the department chair: Jenny Ross:

The Directors of Undergraduate Studies:
Steve Blusk:

Or, talk to a physics department faculty member who is an undergraduate advisor: Physics Advising.

B.S. With Distinction:

A B.S. with distinction is awarded to students who complete the B.S. program with 36 credit hours or more of upper-division physics courses and who achieve at least a 3.4 grade point average in their physics coursework. A B.S. with distinction is noted on a student's official transcript.