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B.A. in Chemistry

Why Study Chemistry?

Chemistry, the science concerned with the composition, structure, properties, and reactions of matter, especially of atomic, elemental, and molecular systems, is taught through courses in analytical, biological, inorganic, organic, and physical chemistry and through direct participation in original research. Undergraduate majors in chemistry may elect one of four programs, two leading to a B.A. degree, with an emphasis in either chemistry or biological chemistry, and two leading to the B.S. degree with an emphasis in either chemistry or medical chemistry Either B.A. degree program requires fewer credits in chemistry than the B.S. option, and yet provides a foundation in the discipline adequate for either immediate professional engagements or for graduate studies. Students studying for a B.S. degree in chemistry gain a more extensive background as they fulfill a broader range of requirements; they must file a petition with the department chair indicating their intent to secure the B.S. degree before it can be awarded.

The faculty of the Department of Chemistry, through courses and research opportunities, provides a nurturing but challenging environment for students pursuing undergraduate degrees in chemistry. Undergraduate students in our department typically take a total of 45 credits in chemistry courses for a B.S. degree and 36 credits for a B.A. degree. The courses offered range from basic level General Chemistry, to the two semester sequence of Organic Chemistry and more advanced courses in Physical, Organic and Inorganic Chemistry. Many students also choose to do research, as hands-on laboratory experience is vital in the development of a chemist. When graduating from our department undergraduate students follow diverse paths, such as working for the chemical industry or going to graduate and medical school, among other

B.A. in Chemistry (Chemistry track)

The Bachelor of Arts Degree in Chemistry-Chemistry Track addresses general, organic and physical chemistry with reduced emphasis on laboratory research. The degree, which allows flexibility for choosing courses outside of chemistry, is designed for students planning employment as: patent lawyers, technical librarians, technical sales personnel and other non-chemistry intensive positions.

B.A. in Chemistry (Biological Chemistry Track)

The Bachelor of Arts Degree in Chemistry-Biological Chemistry Track is designed to give students a basic understanding of the role of chemistry in biology. In addition to covering general and organic chemistry, the program emphasizes descriptive and physical biochemistry, biochemistry laboratory and addresses bio-organic and bio-inorganic chemistry through electives. The program is designed to train the student for entry level positions in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.