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Distinction in Biology or Biotechnology

Distinction in Biology or Biotechnology is an honor given to academically exceptional students who have shown excellence in research and have written a senior thesis.  This program is for Biology and Biotechnology majors who are interested in conducting research in a lab.  Students typically apply for the program during the spring of their sophomore year, and those who successfully complete this program have the 'Distinction in Biology' or 'Distinction in Biotechnology' honorary printed on their transcripts.

Biochemistry students interested in participating should visit the Biochemistry site.

  • maintain a minimum GPA of 3.4;
  • Biology or Biotechnology major;
  • complete 6 credits total of BIO 460 Research in Biology + BIO 495 Distinction Thesis in Biology (exceptions granted on a case-by-case basis; contact the distinction program directors for details);
  • complete four semesters of BIO 419 Junior & Senior Thesis Seminar (three semesters for students studying abroad);
  • give a poster or oral presentation on the thesis research;
  • write a Senior Thesis or Honors Capstone Thesis.

Application for the Distinction in Biology or Biotechnology Program

For more information, contact Director of Undergraduate Program, Melanie Blanden at