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Biology Graduate Alumni

Please find below a list of some of our recent Biology PhD and MS graduates as well as their post-graduate positions.

Biology Department Graduate Alumni
Year Degree Name Advisor Notes
2018 PhD in Biology Bing Yang Maine

Postdoc, Katherine McJunkin lab, National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK)

2018 PhD in Biology Dan Li R. Raina

Joined MS in Computer Science at SU

2018 MS in Biology Elizabeth McDonald Parks

Education Program Coordinator for Children's Science Center in Ithaca, NY

2018 MS in Biology Laura Porturas Segraves

Assistant Curator in Entomology at Penn State University

2018 PhD in Biology Luka Negoita Fridley

Ecologist and Biostatistician, Charles Darwin Foundation, Galápagos Islands

2018 PhD in Biology Sheila Shahidzadeh S. Hewett

Postdoc at University of California, San Francisco

2018 PhD in Biology Yao Xiao Coleman

Graduate Student Computer Sciences - Georgia Tech

2018 PhD in Biology Yini Li Maine

Postdoc, Shuying Sun lab, Department of Pathology, Johns Hopkins Medical School

2019 MS in Biology Alexandra Nichitean Hall

Research Technician at Syracuse Univeristy

2019 PhD in Biology Elise Hinman Fridley

Integrated Report Manager Utah Division of Water Quality

2019 MS in Biology Jacob Penner Frank

Project Developer at NativeEnergy

2019 PhD in Biology Kelsey Martinez Fridley

Utah Data Research Center Manager

2019 MS in Biology Victoria Hull Frank

Independent Math & Science Instructor

2019 PhD in Biology Wei Wang Korol

Bioinformatic Scientist at GeneWiz

2019 PhD in Biology Yifan Gong J. Hewett

Data analyst, LinkedIn

2020 PhD in Biology Caitlin McDonough Dorus

Postdoctoral fellow, University of Vienna

2020 PhD in Biology Emma Whittington Dorus

Postdoctoral fellow at the Natural History Museum, University of Oslo

2020 MS in Biology Holly Jones Castañeda

Industry - Catalent Pharma Solutions

2020 PhD in Biology Kelly Schmid Wiles

Postdoc - Cornell University

2020 PhD in Biology Lindsay Rathbun Hehnly

Postdoc - University of Rochester

2020 MS in Biology Rose Al-Saadi Hall

PhD student in Dr. Patrick Phillips lab at University of Oregon

2020 PhD in Biology Ryan Dunk Wiles

Postdoc - University of Northern Colorado

2020 PhD in Biology Shengpei Wang Althoff

Postdoctoral Fellow-Syracuse University, headed to industry

2020 PhD in Biology Spandita Dutta Hewett

Senior scientist, Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories PSS

2021 MS in Biology Amber Woodard Lewis

Research Technician at Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation

2021 MS in Biology Eric Ingram Hehnly

Industry - Thermo Scientific

2021 MS in Biology Jessica O'Connell Pepling

Research Technician at Northwestern University

2021 MS in Biology Jordan Stark Fridley

Scientist with EHS Support

2021 PhD in Biology Joshua Burton Pepling

Postdoc - Weill Cornell Medical School

2021 PhD in Biology Mayara Ribeiro MacDonald

Scientist I, Neuromuscular Disorders Division at CRISPR Therapeutics in Cambridge, MA

2021 PhD in Biology Neha Mohan Babu Ritchie

Postdoc - University of Minnesota

2021 MS in Biology Rebecca Ellingston Coleman

High School Teacher

2021 MS in Biology Sarah Weiss Parks

Marine Mammal Biologist/Analyst at Marine Acoustics, Inc

2021 PhD in Biology Thomas Anneberg Segraves

Postdoc - University of Pittsburgh

2022 PhD in Biology Anne Cure Segraves

Postdoc - Syracuse University

2022 MS in Biology Bethanie Natalie Coleman

Science Instructor with Minerva Central School District

2022 MS in Biology Jane Pascar Dorus

Research and Development Manager with Acumen Detection

2022 PhD in Biology Linnea Ritchie Welch

Senior Medical Writer with Flywheel Partners

2022 MS in Biology Mariah Maxwell Wiles

Pursuing PhD in College Science Teaching at Syracuse University

2022 PhD in Biology Muqing Ma Welch

Postdoc - Emory University

2022 PhD in Biology Nikhila Krishnan Hehnly

Postdoc - Brandeis University

2022 PhD in Biology Nikolaus Wagner MacDonald

Industry - Reveal Biosciences

2022 PhD in Biology William Haws Lewis

Postdoc - Syracuse University - Castañeda Lab

2023 PhD in Biology Aljiboury Abrar Hehnly

Professor of Practice, Blatt Bioimaging Core - Syracuse University

2023 PhD in Biology Eduardo Caro Welch

Postdoc - Duke University Medical Center

2023 MS in Biology Gwen Bode Althoff

Research Professional at Georgia University

2023 PhD in Biology Julia Dombroski Parks

Innovation Hub Associate with National Offshore Wind Research & Development Consortium

2023 MS in Biology Karma Thomas Althoff

Teaching Part-time at SUNY Cortland and as an eco-landscaper