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Music History and Cultures major Gabrielle Sanft (B.A. ’20) wins the Abraham Veinus Prize

Gabrielle Sanft portrait

Posted on: April 29, 2020

Congratulations to Music History and Cultures major Gabrielle Sanft (B.A. ’20) for winning the Abraham Veinus Prize this year. Gabrielle is double majoring in Music History and Cultures and Music Education. The Veinus prize is awarded annually to the best undergraduate student paper in Music History and Cultures. The award is named for professor Abraham Veinus (1916-2002), who was one of the first faculty to join the Department of Art and Music Histories (at the time, Department of Fine Arts) in 1948, shortly after its founding.

In Gabrielle’s own words, “It is an absolute honor to receive the Veinus Prize and an incredible way to end my time in the Art and Music Histories department. I owe all of this recognition to my advisor, Professor Eubanks Winkler, who helped guide me through my research and writing. I could not have reached this point without her, and I am eternally grateful for her endless support. I would also like to thank Professor Babiracki and the rest of the AMH department for supporting me throughout this process. I am so incredibly thankful for my time spent as a Music History and Cultures major and am devastated that it is over, but I cannot wait to carry this research and everything else I have learned into my professional life!”