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Prof Sam Johnson collaborates to launch a Mellon Corridor Group titled “Modernist Geographies"

Posted on: Dec. 5, 2018

Prof Sam Johnson has collaborated with profs Laura Moure Cecchini (Colgate University) and Rachel Haidu and Christopher Heuer (University of Rochester) to launch a Mellon Corridor Group titled “Modernist Geographies.” The goal of this faculty research group is to explore the various networks of dissemination, distribution, exchange that shaped 20th-century art. The group recently invited prof Pedro Rabelo Erber (Cornell) to present a portion of his work in progress, a book titled "The Contemporary as Method: Chronopolitics, Globalization, Comparison." His talk, “Specters of Uneven Development: Brazilian Anthropophagy and its Others” returned to Brazil’s anthropophagic movement of the 1920s and the Kyoto School’s interwar notion of “overcoming modernity" as a means to rethink the problem of belatedness. Graduate students from Syracuse and from the University of Rochester participated in the seminar.

Congratulations to prof Sam Johnson and his colleagues.