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Art History Alum Katie Cealka (M.A. '13) Shares Stories About Her Work at the Gilcrease Museum in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Posted on: April 19, 2018

Art history alum Katie Cealka (M.A. '13) is a beloved, award-winning teacher in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She also works at the Gilcrease Museum of Art. Katie recently shared a heart-warming story with us.

"We are focusing on sculpture this month because we have a lot of our bronze sculptures on display in a new exhibition. Lots of people visit during the Sunday program that I teach. Today we had a group of people from a half way house with their sponsors along with lots of kiddos!  It was cold today and as I was driving to work I saw a woman about a block away shivering and pan handling. I told her to come to the museum and that she would enjoy it. She walked the rest of the way there and sat by a window for a couple off hours sculpting two of the tiniest little animals that were so beautiful. At Gilcrease my title is 'teaching artist.' I do drop in Studio programs, funday Sunday, and summer camp. I love what I do."