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Art History Alum Shawna Rabbas (B.A. 2016) Reports on Valuable Skills Developed from her Art History Courses

Posted on: Jan. 18, 2018

Art history alum Shawna Rabbas (B.A. 2016) recently wrote us with an update telling us how much her art history courses helped her develop valuable skills that she now uses as a UX designer. Here's what Shawna has been up to these past few years (in her own words): "After graduating in 2016, I spent three months in Switzerland as an intern at a small digital design agency. With that experience and some time spent freelancing, I landed a job doing user experience design at a startup in New York City. As a UX designer, I’m responsible for researching, planning, and designing app and web products. Part of my job also revolves around writing feature requirements and tracking project progress as it moves through the different cycles of planning, design, prototyping, development, launch, and testing. Since our team is small I get a lot of hands-on work with a wide variety of clients–most recently ones in news and ecommerce."