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Irene Garcia (B.A. '15, M.A. '17) Wins the 2017 Elizabeth Gilmore Holt Prize for the Best M.A. Symposium Paper in Art History

Posted on: May 13, 2017

Congratulations to Irene Garcia for winning the Elizabeth Gilmore Holt Prize for the best M.A. symposium paper in art history. Woohoo! Irene’s paper was titled, “Painting Disenchantment? The Baquiné and the Shadow of Colonialism in Francisco Oller's The Wake (1893).” Irene has also just accepted a position at the Museum of Art of Ponce in Puerto Rico. She will start very soon as the Coordinator of the Community Outreach Program in the museum’s department of Education. Irene is looking forward to coordinating workshops, museum visits and designing projects that are geared towards specific sectors of the community, such as youth programs and people with disabilities. She will also be working with artists to design classes and museum workshops for the public.