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Digital Humanities Initiatives

The Department of Art & Music Histories is an important hub for collaborative, cross-disciplinary research and research-led learning in the Digital Humanities.

Funded by the CUSE Grant Program at Syracuse University and curated by Prof. Romita Ray, the website Landscape Studies at Syracuse University features essays, lectures, and poems— contributed by faculty members, curators, and graduate students—that explore landscape through different lenses. Other recent Digital Humanities projects include the digital exhibitions Romanticism at Syracuse University (also curated by Prof. Romita Ray, in collaboration with students in her Spring 2019 “Art of Romanticism” course) and théâtrophonics (curated by Prof. Sarah Fuchs, in collaboration with students in her Spring 2018 “Music, Space, and Place” course). Students in Prof. Amanda Eubanks Winkler’s Spring 2021 “Writing About Music” course contributed album and performance reviews to Writing About Music, a repository of undergraduate student writing on music and sound.

AMH faculty recently helped to develop the College of Arts and Science’s Digital Humanities Integrated Learning Major (BA and BS). The Digital Humanities Integrated Learning Major curricula allows students to take approved elective courses across many different departments, including the Department of Art & Music Histories—which means that undergraduate students can easily double-major in Digital Humanities and Art History, Fine Arts, History of Architecture, or Music History & Cultures. For more information about which AMH courses count toward the DH ILM, please contact one of our Directors of Undergraduate Studies.