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“Edge” Co-Curricular Certification

Your supplemental learning experiences can now be powerful proof of career or graduate school readiness.

Edge is a new certification offered by the College of Arts and Sciences | Maxwell School. The goal is to give you a competitive edge post-graduation by supercharging your academics with the complementary co-curricular certification.

The Edge program will help you develop proficiency in communication, problem-solving, and adaptability, as well as cultivate a strong sense of global, intercultural, and community awareness, all critically important assets in today’s world.

What’s more, you will learn to express the relevance and desirability of your academic inquiry and hands-on learning — important for job interviews, resume writing or applying for graduate school.

You can choose activities from these categories:

  • Research: Examples include, but are not limited to, independent research supported through SOURCE, working in a faculty member’s lab, or a research presentation at a conference;
  • Internships: Professional experience, either through an internship course or work associated with career goals or major exploration;
  • Study Abroad: Study at an approved campus away from Syracuse, including summer, short-term, or semester programs and domestic study away programs in DC, NYC or LA;
  • Community Engagement: Work that contributes to the community, including participation in the engaged humanities program or through the Shaw Center, serving as a peer mentor or completing a service-learning course.

To get Edge certified, complete at least two of these experiences. Once the requirements are fulfilled, register your experiences through the “Apply for Edge” link. You will gain a certificate of completion and a digital LinkedIn badge.

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