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Shalyce Wilson

Shalyce Wilson

Shalyce Wilson

M.A. Student, Pan African Studies


African American Studies

Office: 315.443.4302

Biographic Overview

2024, expected graduate, PAS program

Shalyce Wilson received a B.S. in African American Studies and Psychology from Syracuse University in May 2022. During her time at Syracuse, she was a research assistant in the Close Relationships psychology lab and conducted independent research that was presented at multiple annual conferences, including Society for Social and Personality Psychology (SPSP) and National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR). Her undergraduate research focused on perspective taking and interracial closeness in platonic relationships; the impacts of race and gender on health among people in interracial relationships; and the effects of intergroup conflict on perceived mental health for the 2020 presidential election. Shalyce’s current research interests include ethnic-racial identity development, specifically in Black adolescents; examining the intersection of race and gender; and the long-lasting effects of redlining on underrepresented communities.